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Pellet grills can provide an enjoyable cooking experience, whether its solely relied upon to perform all your cooking duties or used in supplement to other cooking appliances in an outdoor kitchen. They combine the amazing flavor of burning hardwood with the cooking ease of a typical indoor oven. Many models feature a wide temperature range offering the ability to smoke, bake, grill, sear and create artisan style pizzas, all in one appliance. A pellet grill has an enclosure, or hopper, that holds the reserve of pellet fuel which can be located on the side of the grill, front of the grill or even in the upper rear portion of the grill. At the bottom of the pellet hopper, a motor driven auger turns at a rate set by the control system to feed the pellets from the hopper, into the burner box. The burner box has a hot surface ignition system that heats up the pellets while the addition of an air fans allows oxygen to enter into the burner box, finishing the combustion process. The control system that is used to synchronize these parts can feature preset settings of smokelowmedhigh that will automatically adjust the rpm rate of the feed auger and air fan accordingly. Other models of pellet grills feature a control system that will enable you to select the exact desired temperature in digital increments. Digital systems technically still turn the auger and fan at a specified speed, but the feedback from additional internal thermometers adjusts the rpm rate in a more precise manner. Certain models of pellet grills add additional features like an integrated timer, internal meat thermometer, automatic shutoff system, additional cooking racks, side shelves, pullout ash pans and tool storage capabilities. Pellet grills only require an electrical outlet and the burner ashes must be removed frequently from the burner box. When selecting pellets for your pellet grill, there are numerous types of hardwoods available to impart a specific flavor into the food. Pellets can also be mixed together inside the pellet hopper to create your own unique blend. There are brands of pellets available that claim to be a certain wood variety, yet they merely hint at the flavor because they are comprised of a low ratio of the desired wood with a higher ratio of a lesser grade wood, used as a filling agent. Further generic brands of pellets have been found to contain harmful ingredients, increasing the filling ratio. When choosing a source of wood pellets to fuel your pellet grill, remember, you are solely relying on these pellets not only for the source of heat, but for the flavor imparted to the food, so make sure to find out exactly what you are getting.

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