Manufactured By:  Pizzacraft

Pizzacraft 14" Round Steel Baking Plate



  • Model #:  PC0307
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  • 14" Round Baking Steel Conducts Heat better than a Pizza Stone
  • Stores more Heat Per Unit Volume
  • Stabilizes at a Lower Temperature
  • In a 500° F Oven, a Baking Steel will Stabilize at around 450° F due to the Steel's Radiative Properties
  • Two suggested methods for cooking with a pizza steel are:
  • Steel and stone: Place a steel baking plate with pizza on it on the bottom oven rack while positioning a pizza stone on the top rack a few inches above to achieve perfectly crisp crust. Radiant heat from the stone will help to brown the top crust and cook the toppings like the elevated ambient heat of a pizza oven.
  • Steel and broiler: Place pizza steel on a rack positioned directly below the broiler of your oven. The pizza steel will achieve a perfectly crisp crust, while direct heat from the broiler will brown the top crust and cook the toppings.
  • Pizza Steels are Intended for Oven Use
  • Only use Indirect Heat if using on a Grill
  • Do Not Turn Burners on Directly under the Steel
  • Do Not Use with the Pizzeria Pronto

14" Round Steel Baking Plate