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Plancha Grills

Plancha Grills are a newer style of grill that has recently taken off in the outdoor cooking market. Plancha Grills generally feature either a stainless steel or powder coated flat top cooking surface and offer teppanyaki style cooking. Unlike traditional grills, the Plancha Grill is a tabletop designed grill and is perfect for on the go cooking whether you take it camping, to the football game or just use it for everyday backyard cooking, you wont go wrong with Plancha grilling.
The most important thing to consider when looking at a Plancha Grill is the difference between Plancha and a traditional gas grill. With the Plancha Grill you dont have to worry about flare-ups, charred food and smoke and heat bothering your guests while cooking. The flat top design of the Plancha Grill ensures that no dangerous carcinogens will touch your food because the burner flame never touches the food. Another benefit of cooking on a Plancha Grill is the ability to cook delicate foods such as seafood and vegetables and knowing that they wont fall down the cooking grates and into the drip pan.
The Plancha Grill cooks it all Seafood, Breakfast, Delicate pieces of meat, vegetables and basically anything that you want can be cooked on a Plancha Grill. Better cooking, safer foods thats the ideology around a Plancha Grill.

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