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Portable-Tailgate Grills

Having the freedom to spark up the grill or get a nice bed of hot coals going to provide a wonderfully prepared meal can be an enjoyable experience, wherever you may be during your particular outing. Whether you are going to tailgate with family or friends before the particular game or event starts, camp out under the stars at an undiscovered location, take the boat out to your favorite fishing hole, prepare a meal on the patio with limited space or create an interactive and educational grilling experience for multiple users at a large table. There is a vast array of portable grills, tailgate grills and tabletop grills available to satisfy all of these culinary demands, and more. Grills of this nature tend to be of the smaller size variety, making them lighter in weight, which makes it easier to transport them to and from their desired locations. They can be fueled in different ways and can be found constructed of various types of materials and many models offer different color finishes, satisfying all sorts of taste preferences. Portable gas grills feature an integrated connection adapter that accepts the smaller 1lb bottles of liquid propane. For those who would like to use these portable gas grills in a longer cooking duration, there are adapters and hoses to hook up these to a standard sized 20lb propane tank. There are portable charcoal grills as well including small charcoal grills, larger freestanding charcoal grills and on the go grilling packs that come with a carrying case. While most portable and tailgate grills are constructed with some sort of metal, there are also small and large clay Yakatori grills, which will provide an authentic countertop grilling experience. Hibachi grills can be used on a countertop as well but they are normally constructed of cast iron and can be heavier than other tabletop grills. Stainless steel portable grills can be an excellent choice and is the preferred type if the grill will be used near salt water. There are even Hitch mounted grills that make transportation and use virtually effortless and will provide you with a full size gas grill wherever your travels may take you.

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