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Post Mounted Grills

Post mounted grills are great for individuals who do not like or require the need of a fully enclosed grill cabinet or freestanding cart base with wheels. They provide a sleek, streamline aesthetic appearance and certain brands of grill models can actually be found at a more affordable cost than their freestanding counterpart, since the unit is void of the large enclosed base option. There are varying styles of post mounts including a straight vertical column, angular shaped column or they can simply be a round or square pole, with or without a weighted base. Post mounted grills can therefore be installed in numerous locations or different settings, like being self supporting on the patio or deck, permanently fastened at a dedicated grilling area using the pre-determined mounting locations on the support base or be embedded in the ground with the use of compacted gravel or permanently encased in cement. There are pedestal bases offering ample room to run gas or electrical supply lines or to conceal a portable liquid propane tank. Pole mounted grills will usually feature support columns that are hollow through the center, allowing the supply lines to be ran through the column, providing a clean installation appearance. Charcoal grills that are mounted on a pole would not require any supply lines, of course. Many models of post mounted bbq grills are well suited for commercial applications and they can actually be designed for them as well. Commercial models of post mounted grills will feature an integrated location either on the support column or on the front panel of the appliance, ready to accept the installation of a gas timer. Gas grill timers are available in various time formats and will automatically prevent or temporarily allow the flow of gas to the appliance. This secondary safety measure is usually required in commercial applications or newly constructed residential multi-living complexes that have a dedicated grilling area. They can also be retrofitted for any gas appliance.

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