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Power Burners

Power burners take outdoor cooking to a whole new level by offering much more BTU than single and double side burners. They feature a double burner ring design with an inner burner and an outer burner and offer heat control ranging from a low setting of 400BTU to 6k BTU and a high setting of 55k BTU to 70k BTU. Exact BTU control will vary, depending on the model. This intense heat range allows users to precisely control the heat on small pans and sauce pots with the center burner and larger pans and pots with the outer burner. You can also turn both burners on together and quickly boil stock pots of water for culinary dishes, canning or oil for deep frying. There are power burners with removable center rings to instantly become a professional wok cooker and models with optional stainless steel griddle plate attachments to become an actual teppanyaki grill. With this much culinary versatility, it is no wonder that these are the preferred choice on large construction projects. Power burners are larger than their side burner counterparts and can be found around 22 to 24 inches in width and depth. They feature a built in style with the gas control knobs and ignition on the front panel, this not only keeps the controls protected from the intense flame, but is a more user friendly location. At times, power burners are installed at a lower working height than the rest of the outdoor kitchen counter-top. This design is usually suggested based on a few different factors. For example, if a pot filler faucet is not installed directly at the power burner location it can be difficult to lift up large, heavy pots full of water to standard counter-top height. Having it installed at a lower working height will make this easier. It also creates a back-splash surround which looks nice and can act as a wind shield in certain environments. Power burners are not normally affected by wind speeds due to their high BTU, but on extremely windy days, it can occur. While power burners are designed to be built into an outdoor kitchen or grill island, there are a few models that offer accessory carts with wheels to make them freestanding and mobile. Power burners can run off liquid propane bottles or gas hard piped to the appliance. Some models only require a battery to power the ignition, while others require to be plugged into an electrical outlet to power the ignition system and if offered, the control knob illumination.

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