imgs catv2s Pull Out Liquid Propane Drawer

Propane Tank Slideouts

While access doors provide a person with the ability to access an LP tank under a grill, an actual drawer makes it even easier to replace the tank when needed. If you suffer from a bad back or you simply enjoy the ease and comfort that a full pullout drawer offers, you may want to consider implementing a propane tank slide out into your next outdoor kitchen project. On certain models of freestanding grill carts, a propane tank slide out can also be added as an option. Most models of LP tank trays are designated as such with a round cutout in the floor to secure the liquid propane tank while some models of propane tank slide outs have a solid floor and can also perform as trash drawers. Propane tank drawers can be constructed with powder coated metal or stainless steel. Some models are fully enclosed on the interior while others are simply a mounting frame and pullout drawer. The front panels on built in applications will either be solid or vented. The vents allow the cabinet to breathe in case of a gas leak. Propane tank slide outs can be found by themselves or they can be included in a combination cabinet, with other drawers or access doors.

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