FAQ’s on Gas Log Sets

Why are Real Fyre Gas logs more expensive than the ones that can be found at a big box store?

The Real Fyre logs come with a lifetime guarantee (on the logs), five years on the burner pan. The logs are constructed out of ceramic refractory material that are substantially heavier, and that will reflect more heat. The logs go through a 6-step process and are hand painted for realism.

What is the operating cost for gas logs?

About $.99 per hour versus $4.00 per hour for wood logs and they are more efficient since you don’t have to continually add wood that burns down and then back up. PLUS-when you burn wood, most folks also operate their gas log lighter anyway!

Can I buy Liquid Propane Fired Logs?

Yes, but it will be necessary to purchase a propane burning kit that costs approximately $130 more than the natural gas burning kit.

Can I install Liquid Propane Burning Logs myself?

No, you will need to contact your propane dealer for installation.

How difficult is it to install Natural Gas Burning Log Set?

Not difficult, and the instructions are self-explanatory. We also offer professional installation.

How long will it take me to install the Natural Gas Burning Set into my fireplace?

About 45 minutes to an hour for first-timers.

Can I just replace the logs for an existing natural gas log set I have in the fireplace?

Yes, but we recommend to replace the burner kit as well, for maximum appearance and performance.

What size logs do I need?

Click here and give us your measurements as well as the unit you’d like to order and we’ll take care of the rest.

Are Peterson Gas Logs safe?

Yes, there are no ashes on the roof or carpet to worry about. See our Benefits of Owning a Real Fyre Gas Log Set page.

How convenient are Peterson Gas Logs?

  • No ashes to haul in or out.
  • No “smell” or allergies problem.
  • No “bugs”, insects or snakes to carry into the house.
  • Lifetime supply of firewood.
  • And best of all…Instant romantic ambiance!