Gas Log Set Buying Guide

Knowing the difference between Vented, Vent-Free, and Direct Vent

Gas Log Sets are usually divided into three categories, Vented, Vent-Free and Direct Vent Systems. Each venting option has its advantages. If you are choosing gas fire products for an existing fireplace, check to see which venting system is currently in place. If you are choosing fireplace products for a new fireplace consider the differences between these three options.

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Measuring Your Fireplace for a Peterson Gas Log Set

To get the perfect look, it’s important to choose the size log set that best fits in your fireplace. This simple measuring process will help you choose the right size. It’s important to consult your local Real Fyre sales professional.

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How do you want to start and control your Gas Log Set?

Selecting the perfect style is obviously as important as getting the correct technical specifications. Real Fyre offers a variety of ways to ignite your Gas Log Set, from match lit to remote ignition, let us show you how each one differs.

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Determine if you need Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Gas Logs

Gas logs are available in two fuel types. Natural Gas (NG) and Liquid Propane (LP). You may have a line installed in the fireplace, in which case the gas you burn will be decided. If there isn’t a line, then you will need to decide what fuel type you would like to use.

Check to see which fuel source your appliances currently use.

If you have a Natural Gas heater, dryer, stove, or other appliance, then natural gas is the likely choice. If you have alliances that use propane, then select a gas log set that uses liquid propane. If your home does not have plumbing for either gas type, then check locally to determine which fuel would be best for your area.