Manufactured By:  RealFyre

RealFyre High Capacity Automatic Pilot Kit with Basic On and Off Remote APK-10


This RH Peterson Real Fyre Automatic Pilot Kit is designed for use with Real Fyre natural gas vented log sets. This pilot kit can be added to a natural gas match lit log set to add automatic pilot control.



  • Model #:  APK-10
  • This system has a safety pilot that is remotely lighted and stays lit all the time. Also called a standing pilot, it is similar to a pilot found in a hot water heater.
  • 290,000 BTU capacity (Natural Gas).
  • 469,000 BTU capacity (Liquid Propane).
  • You can turn the burner on and off remotely by pushing the on or off button on your RR-1A handset.
  • If using this Automatic Pilot Kit on a G4 or G45 burner please leave an additional six (6) inches of space on each side of the log set.
  • To see which burners the APK-10 is compatible with please refer to the "Burner and Valve Compatibility Chart" image located on this product.



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