imgs catv2s Trash and Recycle Bin Outdoor Kitchen DCS1

Recycle-Trash Combos

If you are considering the addition of a waste basket in your outdoor kitchen or barbecue island project, consider a Recycle Trash combo. These units appear to be a single trash pullout drawer but on the inside they house two receptacle bins in the similar cabinet footprint as a single trash can rollout. The additional basket will allow you to store more waste or choose it for recycling efforts. These can also hold or store more than just refuse or recyclables. For example, you can install one near a charcoal grill and fill one of the receptacles up with charcoal and the other with your favorite species or blend of wood chips to have all of your cooking fuel securely stored and in arms reach. Regardless of how you plan to utilize one of these units, all can enjoy the ease, comfort and convenience of the rollout feature that they provide with their heavy duty glides. Some models of recycle centers will have an increase in depth compared to a single can format, so make sure you will have the needed amount of clearance inside the cabinet to accept it.

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