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Santa Maria Grills

Santa Maria grills were created with combining influences from the South American Gauchos and the North American Cowboys whose diets primarily consisted of meats hunted on the plains and were cooked over an open fire. As time passed on in the California Valley of Santa Maria, it became the preferred way of grilling regionally unique cuts of meat like local butcher Bob Schutzs now famous tri-tip. Other types of meats found in traditional Santa Maria barbecue include sirloin and Portuguese linguica sausage. A Santa Maria barbecue grill is an open, pit style firebox that you would fill with your favorite hardwood or lump charcoal and features a level cooking grate with the ability to lower and raise the cooking surface height with the use of an attached pulley system. Depending on the manufacture preference, this is performed with either a cable or chain and will have either a hand crank lever or an oversized wheel to ease user fatigue. With a Santa Maria grill, you are able to achieve high heat searing with the cooking grate lowered closer to the coals and low and slow smoking, by increasing the height which is more suitable for larger, thicker cuts of meats and grilled vegetables. Smaller sized Santa Maria bbq grills will offer a single cooking grate while larger units may feature two separate grill grates allowing you to raise and lower them independent of one another. You are then able to cook an array of culinary fair simultaneously, at different temperatures. Santa Maria pits can be manufactured as a freestanding style able to be enjoyed anywhere in your outdoor environment or as a built in style configured over an open pit constructed of concrete or masonry materials that will properly house the burning coals. Santa Maria grills can also be built into a portable trailer or custom made to suit any size demands. They can be constructed from powder coated steel, galvanized metal or stainless steel.

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