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Sear Zone Burners

A sear zone burner is an infrared burner that has the capability to achieve higher cooking temperatures than the particular grills standard burner. This is excellent for achieving restaurant quality cooking results on a variety of foods including steak, seafood and even vegetables. Some people assume that adding one of these burners will take away from the cooking space on the inside of their barbecue grill. On the contrary, having one of these burners integrated into your grill will only add to the grills versatility, allowing you to experience a variety of cooking methods and techniques. Once these burners are ignited, you can also lessen the amount of gas flowing to them, allowing the sear zone burner to be turned down to a lower heat setting. This will allow you to cook all of the foods that you would normally prepare on one of the grills standard burners. The intensity of heat on the high setting and the variability of the heat control will depend on the particular model of grill that you are using. An infrared burner can usually be selected as an upgrade when purchasing a new grill and on some models can be added at a later date. On certain barbecue grill models one sear burner performs best, while on others you can swap all of the burners out creating an all-sear grill. Infrared burners have traditionally been constructed with a stainless steel square shaped housing and a ceramic honeycomb type material on the top. This is designed to be left exposed under the cooking surface, without any additional flame tamers or grease shields that you would have over an open flame burner. Since there is not an open flame, very little flare-ups are experienced. This intense, even, infrared heat will allow the foods naturally occurring carbohydrates to be caramelized, creating a crust and locking in all of the foods natural juices. When prepared correctly, the results can be more moist and flavorful foods. Recent advancements have been made to this cooking technology by dividing the burner chambers creating a W shaped, or triton shaped burner. This creates an increase in heat evenness and virtually eliminates any potential grease flare ups. Sear burners can be therefore be found by different names including an infrared sear burner, sear zone burner, Trusear burner or Prosear burner.

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