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Searing Stations

Searing stations are basically a grilling section with an infrared burner as the sole source of heat underneath the grill grate. They can be called sear zones, searing stations, sizzle zones and sear zone pods and will feature a range of around 22k BTU to 30k BTU. They can be found in a single burner style similar in size to a traditional side burner, around 12 inches in width and dual searing stations will be around 24 inches in width. An infrared burner has the capability of achieving much higher temperatures than a standard barbecue grill burner, in excess of 1000 degrees, which is why they are offered as an actual appliance, outside of the barbecue grill. While these same burners can be added as an option inside of most bbq grill models, they will consume a certain amount of working space. Depending on your cooking demands, a separate searing station built into an outdoor kitchen can be an excellent addition to expand your meal aspirations and help you achieve quality results. The intense heat from the sear burner will cook certain foods naturally occurring carbohydrates and will help to create an outer crust, locking in all of the foods internal juices. The results are more moist and flavorful foods. You can also prepare all types of culinary fair over an infrared sear burner. Once the burner is ignited, you can turn the control valve down a little and lessen the amount of gas going to the burner. This will enable you to grill thicker cuts of meat or items requiring longer grilling duration's. Certain models offer further precise heat control which can be advantageous, even allowing for the use of pots and pans over the sear zone. On entry level models, standard cooking with pans can be very difficult to accomplish because the heat from the burner is not accurately controlled at a low enough rate. All of the models of sear zones are designed to complement their matching brand of grill and are therefore constructed from the same materials. Searing stations can operate off propane or natural gas, offer a battery powered ignition or require to be plugged into an electrical outlet, offering an electronic ignition system and exterior knob lighting.

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