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Side Burners

Having a side burner can contribute to your culinary versatility by enabling you to cook outdoors, just as you would indoors on a range or cook top. The exposed flame and grill grate section will allow you to easily enjoy all of your existing pots and pans to prepare an array of delicious meals for you, your family or your guests. There are side burners that can be attached to an existing model of gas bbq grill or you can implement a built in model into an outdoor kitchen or bbq island. Single side burners feature one burner and they usually drop into an opening cut into the counter-top. There are a few models of built in single side burners available as well. Double side burners feature 2 separate burners in both front to back and side by side configurations. These can be found in the same counter-top drop in style, where there is only a square hole cut into the counter-top and there are built in styles as well. Built in side burners will have a front apron similar to a grill where the knobs are on the front panel of the appliance. You therefore have to take into consideration the height of the unit and create a lower section for it to rest into. Double side burners usually have a fully removable lid, instead of a hinged lid. Having this will enable you to use any size of pot without lid interference. Having the knobs on the front apron also protects the knobs, valves and ignition system from potential overheating that can occur when using over sized pots for longer cooking duration's. When looking for an outdoor side burner, the recommended btu per burner is no less than 12,000 BTU per burner. There are even stronger burners available from 15k BTU to 17.5k BTU which will assist in more precise heat control and also help resist any additional external wind speeds that may affect the flame quality. Majority of the side burners available are built with 304 grade stainless steel and run off natural gas or liquid propane. There are a few outdoor rated electric burners with glass tops designed for use on marine vessels. These can also be installed and enjoyed on locations where an open flame is restricted, like a residential living complex.

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