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Single Access Doors

A Single access door is designed to be used as an access point into a particular cabinet base location. They consist of a door panel and a mounting frame that has an interior flange allowing it to be installed into a variety of construction materials. The cutout dimensions on access doors will therefore be smaller in size than their overall dimensions. This allows the exterior of the door frame to act as a trim panel, concealing the rough cutout opening. The amount of exterior frame extrusion will vary depending on the manufacture or door style series. They can be installed under sinks to gain access to the plumbing, under small appliances for access to the gas shutoff or electrical connections and can also be added at any other location where you may need access into the cabinet base. On single access doors you can usually choose the desired swing direction of the door panel. On certain brands of single doors, the handle is placed in the center of the door so it can be installed in either hinge direction. The gauge of stainless steel that single doors can be built from can vary from 16 gauge to 20 gauge. Some models of single access doors feature a dual lining which assists in product strength and rigidity. A dual lined 20 gauge door will therefore be much stronger than an 18 gauge door without an inner panel. Other brands of access doors provide enhanced features like insulated door panels and fully adjustable interior hinges with a soft close feature. Handle styles on single doors will vary depending on the brand or series of door style selected. It is best to make sure when installing a variety of single doors that all of them are the same brand. This will ensure the finish and handle styles will all complement each other. There are stainless steel access doors and black access doors that are powder coated steel. Single access doors are available in numerous sizes in both a horizontal or vertical format.

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