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Smokeware/EggWare Stainless Steel Fully Adjustable Vent Caps are the only Fully Adjustable Stainless Steel Vent Caps for Big Green Eggs, Kamado Joe, Primo and any other Kamado-Style Cooker. Other than the ability to be able to grill in the stormy weather or rain it also provides a Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Construction, Fully Adjustable Precession Temperature Control, Temperature Stability meaning the Temperature of the interior of your Kamado will not suddenly decrease because of loss of air, Virtually unbreakable unlike Cast Iron Vent Tops and the Easy to Clean Dishwasher Safe Design. The Smokeware/EggWare Stainless Steel Vented Chimney cap (Model# EWVC) includes a roll of High-Temp Meta-Aramid (Momex) Felt Gasket to put around the top vent cap portion of your Kamado to seal the Vent to the unit as well as a High Temp Silicone Rubber Tab to put on the EggWare caps adjustable tab to prevent yourself from getting burned. Important Warning: This Stainless Steel Vented Chimney Cap is made of Stainless Steel and can and will cause burns or blistering once the grill is heated. Do not touch any part of the metal once the grill is heated, use a gloved hand (approved glove for high temperatures) or a cooking implement to adjust the vent setting.

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