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Stainless Steel Island Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets provide a unique and attractive finish to a kitchen. They are fully constructed with premium 304 grade non corrosive stainless steel, so the commercial grade appearance they exude is clear evidence of their overall build quality. Outdoor stainless steel cabinets can be found in virtually every size and can create any sized kitchen, from small to large. With different degrees of inner and outer corners, or bend units, they can also be placed together beyond the standard inline configuration, creating various styles of kitchen layouts. There are stainless steel door cabinets, drawer cabinets, door drawer combination cabinets, trash cabinets, sink bases and cabinets can also be found in various sizes to wrap around the exterior of kitchen cooking appliances, seamlessly integrating into the rest of the cabinet system. Depending on the brand of stainless steel cabinet selected, you will find a variety of handle options and hinge styles including exterior visible hinges and interior hinges that are fully adjustable. Premium stainless steel cabinets will offer high quality, heavy duty roller glides for the drawers, creating drawer storage loads rated at 100 pounds. Many models of stainless steel cabinets also offer optional colors or textured panels to the door and drawer faces. This customized ability can provide a nice contrast to the cabinets and can assist in blending in with other surroundings. Some individuals want the non corrosive properties and premium features that stainless steel cabinets provide, without the actual metal look. Having color options to the stainless cabinets helps to achieve this desired result.

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