Manufactured By:  Steven Raichlen

Steven Raichlen Cedar Two-Plank Salmon Set with Spices



  • Model #:  SR8075
  • Set of 2 Salmon Planks with Spices
  • Inspired by a venerable Pacific Northwest Indian Barbecue technique, Grilling on a Cedar Plank is one of the Best ways around to Cook Seafood.
  • The Moist Plank imparts a haunting Cedar Flavor.
  • More practically speaking, it eliminates the risk of the Fish Sticking to the Grill Grate or Breaking when you have to turn it.
  • Makes a Great Presentation, especially when you serve the Fish Hot off the Plank.
  • Planks are 14" x 7"
  • UPC:  050016780755

Cedar Two-Plank Salmon Set