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At The Wholesale Patio Store, we offer you the products you need for beautiful and convenient outdoor living. For anyone who has had their evening cut short by cool temperatures, our collection of SunPak outdoor heaters are just what you need to enjoy time on your patio with your friends and family. Great choices like the SunPak Hanging Patio Heater will help you get the most use from the outdoors by raising the comfort level 5-10 Fahrenheit degrees. </p> <p align="justify">Since heater placement is critical for effective and efficient patio heating, we will provide you with guidelines for installing your SunPak outdoor heaters to get the best results. The SunPak Hanging Patio Heater can be placed at up to a 30 degree angle or face down, depending on the design and size of your patio. The SunPak Steel Hanging Patio Heater offers the same great features as the regular hanging patio heater, but with added durability. SunPak outdoor heaters may be laid out in numerous configurations, depending on the constraints of the patio and your heating requirements. You may want to hang the SunPak Steel Hanging Patio Heater directly over your table and seating areas, or situate a SunPak Hanging Patio Heater at an angle to the side. Just angle them inward and you are ready to go!

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