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Tabletop Pizza Ovens

If you are looking for home cooked pizza, but do not desire a large area in your backyard designated for a pizza oven, a tabletop pizza oven may be the answer. Tabletop pizza ovens tend to be lighter in weight than their large built in and freestanding counterparts, which will allow them to be utilized without any prior structural planning. It also makes them perfectly suited for portable use. They can be placed outside on a table for a single cookout event, constantly used on a patio or permanently seated on the counter-top of an outdoor kitchen. Some models are further designed for increased portability and can easily be transported for camping or your favorite tailgating event. All of the tabletop pizza ovens operate with the use of gas as the fuel source. Some models only operate with Liquid propane, which can be found in small propane bottles and with the addition of a LP hose adapter, can also accept a standard size 20lb propane tank. This will enable the tabletop pizza oven to operate in a longer cooking duration. Other models of tabletop pizza ovens can be fueled from natural gas or liquid propane hard piped to the desired location. Depending on the pizza ovens inclusive features, the particular tabletop pizza oven may only need a battery to power the ignition system or may require to be plugged into an electrical outlet to power the ignition and any interior or exterior lighting. Wood fired flavor can still be achieved in a portable gas tabletop pizza oven with the addition of a stainless steel smoker box filled with your favorite species of wood chips. There are many different sizes of table top pizza ovens available from small, round units around 20 inches in width to larger models found at 30 inches.

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