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Trash Drawers

Regardless of the size of your outdoor kitchen or barbecue island, a trash drawer can add comfort to your outdoor entertaining space. These self contained trash receptacles make it easy to implement them into a variety of kitchen designs. On larger kitchens, they can be added near a sink to dispose of waste, creating a location, or zone for meal preparation. Trash drawers can also be installed near the end of a cabinet run or next to a refrigerator, where guests will be constantly retrieving beverages. This will enable ones to dispose of their waste without having to actually enter the cooking area of the kitchen, possibly interfering with the individual performing the cooking duties. Lastly, trash drawers can also be installed under, or near a barbecue grill or cooking appliance. This will enable the chef to have his own receptacle. This can be used for refuse or you can fill the container with lump charcoal or wood chips. Having these fuels within reach of the cooking appliance and in a sealed environment will enhance your grilling experience and enjoyment of the entire space. Trash drawers are made from premium stainless steel and are basically a large pullout drawer with heavy duty full extension glides. Certain models of trash drawers feature a fully enclosed cabinet interior, while others are partially enclosed or have an opening on the upper portion to accept an optional counter top trash chute. Trash drawers vary in dimensions, so be sure to create your opening accordingly to accept the installation.

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