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Tuscan Chef

If you enjoy cooking outdoors for friends and family, then you will love the selection of Tuscan Chef Outdoor Ovens that we carry. These attractive, self-contained units have a large fire box so you can use wood as a fuel source. You obviously want to use hardwoods when cooking, and you can choose from a variety of species to get the precise flavor you are looking for. There is just something about cooking with wood that gives your food a unique and appealing flavor that cannot be beat, and once you try it, you will never want to cook any other way. Whether cooking pizzas for your kids or steaks for your guests, these Tuscan Chef Ovens are a great to have on your deck or patio. We carry a wide variety of models, from moderately sized stationary units to large models mounted on a rolling cart. If you want the ability to easily move your oven from one area to another, then check out one of the models with an attached cart. These are built with durability in mind, so you will need to get a rolling model if you plan on moving it on a regular basis. All models feature a sturdy 3/4 inch thick fire brick, which not only holds the heat from the fire, but also provides an evenly heated cooking surface for your food. Ventilation ports empty into the cooking area, which allows wood smoke to add that great flavor your guests will love. Tuscan Chef Ovens not only give you some of the best tasting food, but they are also to fun to use with family and friends. Simply place your wood in the fire box, get the fire started, and you will be ready to cook a delicious meal in no time!

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