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Unfinished DIY Island Cabinets

If you are planning to tackle your own custom outdoor kitchen project, or you are a contractor and you want to make the build process as easy as possible, consider using unfinished island cabinets. Ready to finish island cabinets provide an affordable alternative to a custom built outdoor kitchen island, with similar results to costly on site construction methods. These island cabinets are a do it yourself kit, which arrive stacked flat on a pallet. The lightweight panel design makes them very user friendly and allows a single person or a few individuals with the ability to complete an entire outdoor kitchen installation, in the fraction of the time of traditional construction methods. If the passageway to the desired kitchen location is cramped, they also make the perfect solution to quickly setup an entire outdoor kitchen. Any size or shape of outdoor kitchen island can be created, so there is no limit for your outdoor entertaining and grilling endeavors. They feature galvanized metal tube framing, which is very lightweight and strong. They quickly and easily assemble together with the use of the included hardware. The frames can be adjusted to accommodate any sized outdoor cooking appliance and to accept cutout requirements of any access door or drawer storage solutions planning to be installed. Once all of the panels are placed together, the included appliance and countertop support arms are installed, locking the cabinet base together, creating a solid, finished island. The exterior of these framed panel pieces are already lined with cement board, which is a suitable substrate to accept a variety of material finishes.

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