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Unfinished Fire Pit Boxes

Our collection of quality unfinished fire pit boxes is an important final step in constructing a great decor piece. Not only do they protect the rest of your equipment from wear and damage and ensure the system works at its best all year long, but they also provide an opportunity to decorate your pit exactly the way you want. Get the look of a custom construction job without hiring out! You can finish your pit with our great enclosures with ease, providing your home with a great decor piece that matches your style perfectly.

We have a large selection of sizes and shapes, providing you with the tools necessary to create the fire pit of your dreams. Our unfinished fire pit boxes can be completed with stone or other options to perfect the look, giving you the ability to customize the style however you wish. With shapes ranging from simple round and square to trapezoid, octagon, and more, you will find the perfect match for your taste when you shop with us.

All of our unfinished fire pit boxes are constructed from durable steel and aluminum, reliable for the years to come. Complete venting will allow you to easily install a full pit without needing to alter the enclosure. Take note to match the size of your planned pit to the box and ensure the process is quick and easy. You will have the look you want in no time, able to enjoy a professional looking job with minimal effort and stress.

Let us help you find the perfect enclosure for your fire pit. We have years of experience in providing people with the decor they need to complete their dream home. Feel free to contact our expert team if you have questions or need help with your design, we are always ready to help!

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