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Upright Smokers

Upright smokers can also be called vertical smokers, since they are standing in a straight up position. While there are a few small vertical smokers available for countertop use, the majority of vertical smokers available feature a taller working height. This upright configuration makes it easier to add and retrieve numerous amounts of foods into the smoker. The freestanding capability also allows one to be used in any environment. Many models offer optional bases that provide a storage solution and feature heavy duty rolling castors for enhanced portability. Upright smokers can be fueled by a variety of ways including electricity, charcoal and gas and be built with different construction materials like steel, powder coated steel and stainless steel. They can be found offering a variety of rack quantities. Some brands of smokers base their smoking capacity by a few different factors. It can be the amount of racks, total square inches of cooking space or the total pound weight of uncooked meat the smoker can handle. Some models of vertical smokers are wider or deeper than others, so the rack quantity itself may not mean one smoker is larger than another. When deciding which upright smoker is right for your cooking and smoking needs, you would want to consider what types of foods you are planning to smoke, making sure all of the food items will fit inside.

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