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Vented Access Doors

Vented access doors can be a great addition to an outdoor kitchen or barbecue grill island. Gas is heavier than air, and if there is a gas leak, it can settle and accumulate inside the cabinet. If there is refrigerator placed inside the cabinet or another source of electrical spark, this can ignite these trapped gases causing an explosion. The addition of vents or louvers on the door panel will essentially allow the island cabinet to breathe, allowing any trapped gases to escape. In excessively humid areas or climates with frequent rain, they will also allow the cabinet to rid itself of any trapped moisture reducing the likelihood of mold accumulation. Vented access doors can therefore provide peace of mind in a variety of applications. Ventilation of an outdoor grill cabinet is usually suggested with the addition of venting panels on opposing ends of the cabinet. Having vent panels on the doors themselves can either replace the need for these specific panels or they can be used in conjunction with them. Louvered access doors can be found in vertical or horizontal formats and vented double access doors are available as well.

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