Manufactured By:  Western Wood

Apple Smoking BBQ Wood Chips



  • Model #:  078342280657
  • We also offer this flavor in Wood Chunks
  • For use with gas grills, charcoal grills and electric smokers.
  • Perfect for pork, chicken, turkey, other poultry, fish and wild game.
  • 100% Natural wood and Made in USA.

Apple wood chips produces a mild yet delicate smoke with a hint of sweetness to add a very distinctive flavor to meats grilled or smoked with it. Western Premium Products Alder BBQ Smoking Wood Chips come in a 2.94 Liter Bag Use: On a gas grill, fill a reusable smoker tray or a foil pouch with two three handfuls of wood chips. Place the tray or pouch directly over the hottest burner until it begins to smoke. Using tongs, move it to one side to make room for the food. The chips will smoke for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Be sure to have a second pouch or smoker tray ready when cooking for longer periods of time. To make a foil pouch, pour wood chips onto heavy-duty foil, then fold the foil around them. Poke six to eight holes in the top of the pouch using a fork or other sharp tool. Tips and Techniques: To accelerate the smoking process on your gas grill or electric smoker, turn the temperature to high when your first place your pouch or tray on the cooking grid. Within a few minutes, the chips will begin to smoke. At that point, turn the temperature to your desired cooking level. If the chips flame up on your gas grill, use a spray bottle of water to douse the flames. This tip does not pertain to electric grills. Wood chips can also be used on charcoal grills, as described for gas grills or by placing a pouch directly onto the coals. However, wood chunks work better with charcoal than chips. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! WW Wood, Inc. produces the world’s finest smoking wood products. They stand behind their products with a complete money back guarantee.