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Wood Chips

Smoking Chips or BBQ Wood Chips are small pieces of wood that are used to enhance the flavor of your meat while cooking. Smoking Chips come in a variety of flavors and are used for a variety of different types of meat, certain flavors that BBQ Wood Chips come in are Alder, Pecan, Apple, Peach, Cherry, Orange, Hickory, Oak, Mesquite and even Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel. Wood Chips can be used in Gas Grills, Electric Smoker or even Charcoal Grills. While using Charcoal, Wood Chips are general placed over a pile of hot coals to produce the smoke. In a application such as a Gas Grill or Electric Smoker Wood Chips are placed in a Smoker Box when the Wood Chips are held while the slowly burn to create a smokey environment inside the unit. There us a turn belief that by soaking your wood chips in liquid before putting them either in a smoker box or a pile of hot charcoal that this will make the wood chips last longer. This mindset is completely false, wood chips are to be placed in either application dry, soaking of the wood before using them only allows the wood chips to steam and they will not allow the wood chips to put off their true flavor.


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