DCS Gas Grills: Product Review

DCS Built-In and Freestanding Gas Grill: Product Review


DCS gas grills are truly unmatched in the outdoor cooking industry. DCS grills deliver intense heat for searing, low heat for slow roasting and are rated the best gas grills in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Whether you’re interested in the built-in or freestanding models offered by DCS, you won’t go wrong with adding one of these grills to your backyard patio. If you still need convincing, here’s a little DCS gas grill review.


LIFETIME WARRANTY…THE BEST SELLING FEATURE! When it comes to buying typically anything, you always check the warranty. One year limited, limited lifetime warranty…what does this mean? Why should my warranty be “limited” to a specific guidelines! Manufactures should stand behind their products. Well, that’s where DCS gas grills come in, they only believe inĀ  one warranty and one warranty only…LIFETIME!


LET’S TALK ABOUT THE GRATE STUFF! The cooking surface – the place where the true meaning of this DCS gas grill comes into play. For a consumer, this is where the grill either meets or breaks their expectations of their recent purchase. But, you bought a DCS, there’s no let-downs here. The DCS gas grill features some of the most powerful stainless steel tube burners in the industry, that’s just the beginning. The burners sit directly below one of, if not the coolest heat distribution centers in any gas grill. The ceramic rod technology from DCS features small tubed ceramic rods that capture grease and grime before it hits the burner, to clean these briquettes simply roll them, that’s it. To finish off the amazing features of the cooking surface, is the cooking surface itself. DCS gas grills feature one of the coolest cooking grates on the market. Dubbed their M and W cooking grates these industry first cast stainless…that’s right, CAST STAINLESS cooking grates are reversible for either cooking fish and chicken on the W side or turning the grates over to the M side and using the searing capabilities for that 2-inch thick rib-eye

SORRY SANDY OLSSON…THERE’S NO GREASE HERE! The last thing that any gas grill needs is a drip tray full of grease and nasty grimy cooking grates. DCS knows this and what they’ve added into each DCS gas grill is beyond revolutionary. It’s known as the Grease Management System and in short, what it encompasses is pretty simple. First off, the cooking sit at an angle, they’re not completely flat, this allows all the grease drippings from your favorite steak and chicken to run down to the front of the grill. Next, the grease goes to the grease trough, where two large square as waiting to take this grease straight to the grease tray. If this isn’t enough every DCS grill includes a grease trough tool which allows for easy cleanup, keeping your DCS gas grill looking new every-time you use it.