Alfresco 42-Inch Dry Storage Pantry High - AXEDSP-42H

Spec Library
  • Model #:  AXEDSP-42H
  • Store dry goods, cookware, and more in a totally sealed environment, safe from pests and the weather.
  • Includes interior drawers and an adjustable wire shelf.
  • All commercial stainless steel construction.
  • Gasketed doors seal out the outdoor environment.

The 30-In. high-profile dry pantry that stores dry goods, cookware, tools, and more in a complementary sealed environment, safe from weather and pests. The the sealed pantries feature drawers and adjustable shelves. the foam gasket on cabinet face makes for a tight seal, and a new integral rain gutter diverts water around and away from the cabinet.

  • Overall Width:  42"
  • Overall Height:  33 3/8"

  • Cutout Width:  40 3/8"
  • Cutout Height:  31 3/4"