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Alliance Outdoor Lighting is the manufacture of High-End Outdoor Landscape Yard Lighting. They manufacture Area Lights, Bullet Lights, Down Lights, Flood Lights, In-Ground Well Lights, Path Lights, Step Lights, Wall Sconces, Underwater Lighting, Tiki Torches, Area Light Stems, Transformers ranging from 1200 Watts to 150 Watts, Timers, Photocells, Risers, Adjustable Rises, Mounting Bases, Gutter Mount Accessories and Replacement LED Bulbs for all of their Lighting Fixtures. Alliance Outdoor Lighting's products are either manufactured using Heavy Cast Brass or Spun Brass, each standard fixture comes in a rich, chemically applied, Aged Brass acid finish. All products offered from Alliance Outdoor Lighting carry a Lifetime Warranty. Each fixture offered features a 25-foot wire lead, a long lasting High Quality lamp and the mounting device weather it would be a stake or mounting bracket. Alliance Outdoor Lighting's Transformers are developed to include multiple voltage taps that allows the installer to account for the voltage drop in Low Voltage Lighting systems. Each transformer offered by Alliance Outdoor Lighting's is manufactured in a Stainless Steel Cabinet and features a weather tight seal, lockable door and includes a Lifetime Warranty. Alliance Outdoor Lighting understands the issue with trying to figure out exactly how many lights a single Transformer can handle, so they developed an easy to use Point System that allows the consumer to know exactly what Transformer to buy. By simply converting Watts to Points, such as a Area Light Fixture using a 20-Watt lamp equals 1 point and a 35-Watt Bullet Light fixture equals 2 points, you can easily determine how many light fixtures fit on each transformer.


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