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Broil King is the manufacturer of freestanding gas grills, portable gas grills, offset smokers and their own Kamado type cooker named the Broil King Keg. Broil King has been in the outdoor barbecue industry for over 30 years and has become a staple for outdoor grilling. Utilizing a unique Dual Tube Burner and FlavR- Wave design, Broil King duplicates the vaporization of a charcoal grill offering exceptional flavor. From room temperature to savory "Medium Rare" in only 8 SIZZLING Minutes! Their outdoor freestanding grills come in seven different series: Imperial, Regal, Baron, Sovereign, Signet, Monarch and Pota-Chef. Each series offers different features but all sport the unique Broil King Cooking and benefits. If you're looking for a budget friendly gas grill that will stand the test of time, look no further then Broil King.


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