DCS Professional 36-Inch Built-In Natural Gas Grill with Rotisserie - BH1-36R-N

Reg. $3999.00
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  • Model #:  BH1-36R-N
  • Also available in Liquid Propane.
  • Patented grease management system effectively funnels grease away from food, nearly eliminating flare-ups.
  • Ceramic radiant technology delivers even heat distribution across the entire grilling surface.
  • Double sided cast stainless steel cooking grates allow you to grill both vegetables and meats with ease.
  • Smart Beam grill light illuminates the entire grill surface from outside the grill.
  • Add your favorite juice or wine to the sealed smoker box with dedicated burner for additional flavor.
  • UPC:  780405713018

DCS gas grills are engineered for people who want to cook like a professional chef on their own backyard outdoor kitchen. The BH1-36R-N 36-inch natural gas built-in gas grill features three 25,000 BTU U-shaped stainless steel burners that push out an impressive 75,000 BTUs of cooking power. All DCS gas grills offer Ceramic Radiant Technology, which is a layer of ceramic rods placed between the burners and cooking grate. The rods provide intense, yet even heat, ensuring the temperature is consistent across the entire grilling surface. This innovative feature allows you to sear meat to perfection anywhere on the cooking grid. The BH1-36R-N boasts a 638 square inch main cooking surface with a lasting stainless steel cooking grid. The 14,000 BTU infrared rear burner functions perfectly for slow roasting, and the included rotisserie kit can accommodate up to 50 lbs and the motor features a 40-watt halogen Smart Beam BBQ grill light that adds visibility while you grill. A dedicated 3,500 BTU smoker burner allows the wood chips to slowly smolder for more layers of flavor. The removable warming rack features a spacious 241 square inch, stainless steel warming area. The temperature gauge allows you to control cooking temperatures. Every DCS grill is handcrafted and constructed entirely of heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel.

    • Overall Width:  45 3/16"
    • Overall Height:  24 1/4"
    • Overall Depth:  27 5/16"

    • Cutout Width:  34 1/2"
    • Cutout Height:  10 1/8"
    • Cutout Depth:  22 3/4"

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