Delta Heat Sear Zone Kit for Delta Heat Gas Grills - DHSZ-KIT-B

Reg. $336.05
  • Model #:  DHSZ-KIT-B
  • Sear Zone burner that produces 25,000 BTUs of Direct Heat that will sear your meats faster and deeper to seal in more juices. More juices means moist, more flavorful food.
  • Sear zone kit replaces standard stainless steel burner.
  • Includes screen mesh.
  • Installs on the left side of the BBQ grill.
  • Fits all Delta Heat grill sizes (26", 32" and 38")

The Delta Heat DHSZ-KIT-B Sear Zone Kit for Delta Heat Gas Grills easily replaces one of your pre-existing stainless U Burners in lieu of a sear station. Using intense radiant infrared heat, the sear zone sears meats to perfection, sealing in flavorful juices.