Fire Magic Three Hour Automatic Timer Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve - 3090

Reg. $80.00
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  • Model #:  3090
  • This Fire Magic 3-Hour offers additional safety by automatically shutting of the flow of natural gas or liquid propane to the barbecue.
  • Works with natural gas, bulk liquid propane tanks and standard sized liquid propane tanks. For liquid propane use, must not be installed within 18-inches of the grill.
  • Wholesale Patio Store offers an exclusive stainless steel cabinet that holds the Fire Magic 3-Hour Timer in place and makes it easily accessible by putting it in the front of your Outdoor Kitchen.
  • The 3-Hour timer accommodates 1/2-inch NPT piping on both ends.
  • The dial is marked in 3 one hour increments (any position in between is an estimate of that hour).
  • The timer dial will auto rotate (counter-clockwise) and will shut off the gas supply when the dial reaches off.
  • Rated up to 100,000 BTUs/ Max temperature 125 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • When using the timer for periods of less than one hour, you must set the dial to one hour (to activate), then return (counter-clockwise) to the desired amount of time. This will ensure proper timer operation.
  • UPC:  061965502732

This three hour automatic 3090 gas timer valve from Fire Magic features 1/2 inch NPT pipe fittings on both ends and is perfect for any commercial application that offers a gas grill and wants to limit their gas use.

  • Cutout Width:  6 1/2"
  • Cutout Height:  6 1/2"

Fire Magic Three Hour Automatic Timer Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve - 3090

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