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Food Prep

Food preparation is a critical step in offering up flavorful meals to your family or guests and there are many different tools to assist you in the process. There are items that will allow everyone, from the occasional backyard griller to the most demanding professional chef create wonderfully prepared meals. To get started, there are cookbooks available to help you assemble the correct combination of ingredients and guide you during the process, a variety of knives to masterfully clean and prep your foods, Injectors to infuse a particular marinade into the cut of meat and basting brushes to slather on mouth watering flavor additives before, and the duration. A cooking apron will ensure your clothes stay clean and a prep tray will help you carry your meal to the designated cooking area. There are grill grate oilers to prepare the cooking surface, spray bottles for flavor misting or to keep flare ups under control and dont forget the koozie, a chef has to stay hydrated with a chilled beverage of choice!

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