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There is a plethora of cookware, or grillware available that will help you achieve a variety of prepared dishes on your outdoor cooking equipment as well as your indoor appliances. Grillware can be found constructed of different materials including baked enamel, stainless steel and cast iron. Cast iron cookware has been around for hundreds of years and may suit an individuals personal preference and can be the preferred method for certain types of dishes. Stainless steel can be easier to maintain and if you plan to store it outside, it can stand up to the elements. Coated or baked enamel cookware can offer enhanced non stick properties and on certain items it may be an economical alternative. Among the countless lineup of bbq cookware there are grill griddles, stock pots, woks, grill baskets that can be rigid or flexible for delicate items, meat racks in different style configurations and tier quantities, chicken holders, roasting racks and pans, and even charcoal trays to utilize charcoal fuel inside certain gas grills.

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