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Kamado Accessories

If you already own a ceramic clay cooker or are looking to include certain accessories to your new kamado grill purchase, there are many available to choose from. There are metal cradles and stainless steel carts to make them mobile, extendable cooking grates for added space, round stainless steel griddle plates for specific meals, pizza stones that will have you baking pizzas with similar effects of a wood burning pizza oven and deflector plates to distribute the heat evenly around the outer corners for accurate baking and enhanced low and slow smoking. A firebox divider can be added to further facilitate your indirect cooking methods. Ash tools assist in the interior raking of coals to keep your flame properly controlled and replacement gaskets will help keep your lid and chimney cap properly sealed. Temperature control systems can monitor the progress and keep you informed and a charcoal chimney will get your all natural lump charcoal up to temperature faster, without the need for toxic lighter fluid.

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