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Smoking and Flavor

Imparting smoke and adding flavors with rubs, marinades or sauces will help you create mouth watering, flavorful meals, sending you and your guests taste buds on an epic culinary journey. There are wood chips, in a multitude of wood species to offer that signature flavor and aroma that only smoke can provide. Depending on what is being smoked, there is a type of wood or blend combination perfectly suited. Smoker boxes are filled with these wood chips and can make a wonderful flavor addition to any gas grill. Wood chunks are naturally larger pieces of these same woods and are more suited for adding over charcoal coals. Wood planks are cut from untreated cedar and are excellent for the smoking or indirect grilling of fish. There are spices and barbecue rubs made without MSG, gluten free and organic and a variety of based barbecue sauces from all over the country including molasses, tomato, vinegar and mustard to satisfy that signature regional palette ones have grown to love. We also have salsas in a range of scoville ratings from sweet to the respected and sometimes feared ghost pepper.

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