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About Lynx

Lynx Professional Grills was created in 1996 by a group of talented, visionary people who had been manufacturing stainless steel commercial restaurant equipment for 30 years under the brand BECA. It was set to revolutionize outdoor cooking.
Up until that point, outdoor cooking was limited to just barbecue grills, but the luxury outdoor living trend caught on and spread like wild fire in the mid to late 90s. Lynx, with their perfect timing, was there to provide the goods this new trend demanded. Lynx has always been ahead of the game creating new works of art, now from an advanced manufacturing facility located in Downey CA.

The Lynx brand initially started with only 4 products: the Lynx Professional Grill, access door, side burners, and a cocktail station. Business quickly boomed and with it a need to expand the available units and various options for those units.
Today, their Professional Grill comes in 5 different sized models, all available in free-standing or built-in, an expanded cocktail station, outdoor refrigeration and ice making, side burners, prep tables, warming drawers, access doors, utility drawers, and so much more.
With their new Smart Grill set to roll out in 2015, Lynx is still paving the way in luxury outdoor cooking.

Lynx has been, and always will be, an innovative brand. Other outdoor cooking companies have tried to keep up by emulating their newest advances such as their blue LED lit knobs and variable temperature infrared ProSear surface. Using heli-arc welding, they have successfully developed a seamless construction, making their units sturdier, easier to keep clean, and overall more beautiful. Their cast brass burners radiate heat more consistently and is less likely to corrode. They are lit via the Hot Surface Ignition System, which lights more reliably than a spark and more safely than an open flame. Despite the lid weighing around 40 pounds, anyone can easily open it with one finger thanks to the well-engineered Hood Assist Kit with its system of balancing weights and springs. Infrared searing burners have become exceedingly popular in modern gas grills, but most have only two settings (High or Off) unlike Lynx’s variable temperature ProSear burner that has a low setting, a high setting, and everything in between. Even their most simple innovations are often emulated but other brands just can’t seem to get it the way that Lynx does. Their blue LEDs are just the right color and brightness to make the control knobs easier to read without a harsh reflective glare. The internal halogen bulbs light up the interior of the grill with a smooth even light to improve your night cooking ability.

Lynx Gas Grills

Lynx’s Professional series gas grills are the ultimate standard in outdoor cooking. With their sturdy cast brass burners, high quality ceramic radiant briquettes, easy to open and close hood, hot surface ignition, and ProSear burner, it’s no wonder that they have been referred to as the “world’s greatest grill”. The distinctive mirrored edges, attractive heavy duty 16 gauge stainless steel construction, and blue LED lights give it a clean sharp look while the large and easy to read temperature gauge, built in halogen grill surface lights, and ease of operation makes them great for any outdoor cook.

Lynx SmartGrill

The future of grilling is here. The SmartGrill is an intelligent, connected gas grill that automatically cooks foods based on user preference. The culmination of the innovation and craftsmanship of Lynx products, SmartGrillers can use their smart device or voice commands to grill the perfect meal! Simply choose from the SmartGrill Database, preset your own cook time and temperature, or set it to manual mode and control it like you would any other Lynx gas grill but with the added benefit of being able to monitor the time and temperature status on the SmartGrill app. The app also has tons of great recipes to take the guess work out of planning what to cook.

36" Professional Series 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill

The 36” Lynx Professional Series 3 Burner Built-In Gas Grill is the ultimate standard. With its cast brass burners, ceramic radiant briquettes, and 935 square inches of total grilling space, it’s no wonder it’s popular. Its distinctive mirrored edges give it a clean sharp look while its large and easy to read temperature gauge makes it great for any outdoor cook. It even comes with a removable large capacity smoker box for that classic wood grilled flavor.

Professional Series Built-In Double Sideburner with Prep Center

When you just need a little more space or the convenience of an outdoor gas burner you can use pots and pans on, look no further than the Lynx Professional Series Built-In Sideburner with Prep Center. The burners and burner basins are sealed and lift-out bamboo cutting board make for easier prep and cleanup. Like all of Lynx’s gas units, this one has the same 304 series 16 gauge stainless steel as well as the blue LED lit controls.