Lynx Gas Grills

What Makes Lynx Gas Grills So Great?

Lynx has always been known for their top-notch innovations and their Professional line of gas grills can speak volumes about it. Simply opening one of their grills and glancing inside is sure to make an impression on grill-masters and new outdoor cooks alike. Almost all of their great features are exclusive to the Lynx brand name. Though often replicated by other brands, Lynx is the one that started many of the trends in gas grilling features and is the brand that does them best.


Check out some of Lynx's Gas Grill features.

seamless heli-arc welded construction

Seamless Heli-Arc Welded Construction

The heavy duty stainless steel construction of Lynx's grills isn't just beautiful to see. The seamless construction isn’t just elegant, it also eliminates all of those gaps and seams that always seem to collect grease, moisture, and dirt on other brands’ gas grills.

Additionally, this method makes the grill's construction much more sturdy than other brands' grills, even if they are made from the same stainless steel. Rather than the usual spot or continuous weld, this method of welding is nearly impossible to see once all of the parts are assembled, which makes Lynx's signature clean sharp look. Never worry about your Lynx gas grill’s stability and cleanup is a breeze.


Hot Surface Ignition System

Unlike most gas grills that use a spark, an open flame element, a match, or a handheld lighter to ignite the burner, Lynx's Professional series grills all come equipped with a Hot Surface Ignition System. It may come as a surprise that this method of ignition is not the current standard on every brand's gas grill considering the cost-effectiveness and safety as compared to more traditional means of gas grill ignition.

The hot element is installed directly above the burner where it quickly and safely ignites the burner. This reliable system also ensures that your Lynx gas grill will continue to light effortlessly for years to come, making it a great unit to invest in.


hot surface ignition system
cast brass burners

Cast Brass Burners

These burners are ready for absolutely anything. As they are cast as one solid piece, they can retain more heat than other molded or manufactured burners which can lose heat through poorly fit seams. They’re functionality compared to other brands’ burners is not unlike the comparison between a cast iron skillet and a cheaply constructed skillet. The lack of seams or additional pieces added on to them make them a more solid and reliable burner.

Additionally, they are much less susceptible to temperature fluctuation when the lid is open or closed, ensuring that your food is going to be cooked just the way you intended it. Not to mention the brass itself is less prone to corrosion over time, ensuring that your Lynx gas grill won’t need parts replaced every single season.


Heat Stabilizer

This simple engineering feat on the back side of the grill’s hood allows the grill to properly vent without any loss of heat if a gust of wind happens to blow by. Though it is not immediately visible as a feature to some customers, many realize very quickly how much more consistant and reliable their Lynx gas grill is as soon as they fire it up for the first time.

Many other brands attempt to replicate this feature, only to use too much space for venting which allows the grills temperature to fluctuate with even the tiniest breeze. This, in combination with the cast brass burners, helps to maintain exactly the temperature you set your grill to. You’ll never have to be at the mercy of the wind when cooking outdoors again.


heat stabilizer
lynx hood assist

Lynx Hood Assist

Despite the hoods on Lynx grills weighing about 40 lbs, the hood assist helps to make them as easy to opperate as lifting a finger. The perfectly positioned balance, counter weight, and springs make opening and closing the grill easier than ever before.

This can also be considered a safety feature as even someone with limited physical strength is able to open or close the grill in case of catastrophic user error or some other dangerous situation. Additionally, it can help to reduce the occurance of smashed fingers and other similar crushing injuries.

Integrated Illumination

With a Lynx Professional series gas grill, you won't need to worry about lining up the desk lamp or shop light to be able to see what you are doing. No longer will you be at the mercy of the motion-activated porch light that turns off when you stop moving for even a second.

All Lynx Professional series gas grills come equipped with blue LED lit control knobs to ensure that you can see what temperature you have set your grill at, even at night. They also all come with internal halogen lights mounted in the hood so you will always be able to see exactly what is going on before your steaks burn.

Integrated illumination