Lynx Cart-Mounted Liquid Propane 30,000 BTU Double Sideburner with Removable Stainless Lid - LCB2-3-LP

Reg. $1529.00
Spec Library
  • Model #:  LCB2-3-LP
  • Also available in Natural Gas
  • Sturdy brass burners provide superior heat retention and delivery.
  • Hot surface ignition lights the burner quickly and reliably.
  • Sealed burner design is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Blue LED control illumination matches Lynx grills.
  • Mounts to Lynx gas grills on cart.
  • UPC:  810043021050

The Lynx Cart-Mounted Front-to-Back Double Side Burner (LCB2-3-LP) features two 15,000 BTU brass burners capable of delivering intense high heat or a low simmer for the perfect cooking conditions every time. The burners and burner basin are sealed making them exceptionally easy to clean and heavy-duty welded construction eliminates gaps where grease and moisture can collect. Reliable lighting with the Lynx Glow coil ignition. This item is designed to plug in to a Lynx Grill in order to provide power for lights and glow coil ignition. Bring the power and performance of Lynx innovation to your outdoor kitchen with the LCB2-3-LP Side Burner. This side burner includes an adapter kit for use on 27 and 36-inch Lynx cart grills.

  • Overall Width:  15 1/4"
  • Overall Height:  11 3/8"
  • Overall Depth:  28 3/16"
  • Overall Weight:  50 Lbs.