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Gas Grill Buying Guide

From BTUs to stainless steel grades, our Gas Grill Buying Guide will help you make an informed decision while buying your new grill.

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Planning an outdoor kitchen can be overwhelming. Our outdoor kitchen planning guide will help you to get started.

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Barbecue grills provide homeowners with a way to move their culinary efforts outdoors. The unique experience of outdoor dining can be great for family outings, social events, or simply for preparing food in a unique and tasty way. In any case, these units make a great addition to any yard or patio. Barbeque grills can increase the value of a piece of property and help any yard look more stylish. Their solid construction allows them to withstand the elements and provide long-term benefits.

From charcoal to gas, and freestanding to built-in, Wholesale Patio Store has a wide selection of equipment for the host who has an outdoor gathering to prepare for or simply for the homeowner who enjoys grilled food. With a variety of styles to choose from, individuals with all style preferences and budgets can find something to fit their unique needs. A number of models are offered, and several of the selections are designed with very specific needs in mind. For example, the portable-tailgate barbecue grills are perfect for long trips, whereas the Smart Grills are a technological innovation which can be controlled via voice.

Stainless steel construction ensures that your grill will last for a long time to come. Guaranteed to increase the functionality and appearance of the yard or patio they are placed on, these barbecue grills are crafted with quality and longevity in mind. Functionality is also a characteristic that is focused on heavily, as charcoal/gas combos, ADA certified units, and post-mounted models are all available.

For those with a passion for outdoor culinary arts or social gatherings where food plays a major role, there are few things which are more valuable than one of these stylish and high-quality models. Made from materials that are built to last and put together with versatility and functionality in mind, each specific model offers its own unique and distinct benefits. Whether for the taste of grilled food or to improve outdoor social events, one of these stylish models can be a great choice. Our dedicated staff can help you make the right decision and get the correct model for you.