outdoor fire fire and water

Fire and Water

Combine two of natures most beautiful aspects with our beautiful fire and water features. Having the natural element of fire is a pleasurable experience both visually, with the variety of changing flame patterns and colors, as well as physically, with the warmth and comfort it provides. Water has also been enjoyed in backyards for centuries, from large waterfalls to small fountains. Combining the natural elements of fire and water creates a visually stunning decor piece that can provide timeless admiration and enjoyment. Imagine the sound of water cascading over the spillover into the lower trough while simultaneous flames dance across the upper portion. With our great selection of options, you can find the design that matches you and your home and relax in style!

We offer several styles, including both traditional fire waterfalls and fire-water bowls. Able to be placed just about anywhere, you can use them either as the focal point of your whole design or as a background feature to create ambiance. With our quality fire and water features, you will have the perfect addition to your patio, taking your relaxation to the next level.

The majority of these units can be found in a variety of sizes and copper bowls with a smooth or hammered finish. The electronic models will provide additional features like blue LED illumination, remote control operation of the water, fire, and lighting, as well as water filtration systems, adjustable finished fill height of the water, and autofill with overflow capability. With a powerful range of control, you will be able to ensure your feature operations to your specifications so that you can enjoy it more every day.

If you plan on creating your own design, check out our DIY fire and water features. We have kits with everything you need to build your own system quickly and easily, so you can get the exact look you desire. We are proud to help people create the home of their dreams, and are always ready and waiting to assist you with whatever you need to finish your project!

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