outdoor fire fireplaces


A fireplace not only provides the needed warmth in cooler temperatures, it offers an ambience that contributes to the relaxation and enjoyment of the space. A traditional wood burning fireplace can be a great choice for those who enjoy hearing the crackling of an open fire. These tend to be more affordable installation options, but require constant providing of wood logs and cleanup of ashes. If you prefer to conveniently watch the flames dance across the fire feature, a gas burning fireplace may be the preferred choice. These are available in an array of ignition options from match lit to electronic ignition with remote control. There are many fireplace options to choose from as well. We offer pre-constructed units that ship complete, according to your requests with either a stucco or stone finish, metal fireplace inserts for use with new construction or to replace an existing unit and fireplace kits for the masonry contractor or DIY project. Whether the design will be modern or traditional, fueled with wood or gas, you can find your next outdoor fireplace at the Wholesale Patio Store.

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