Imagine being able to fulfill every culinary desire you have while working outdoors rather than inside your home. You look outside, the birds are chirping, people are playing, the sun is out, and you and your family are stuck indoors using the indoor kitchen and heating up the entire house in the process. You have decided that you will no longer hold your family and friends hostage to the inside of your home and triumphantly shout, “to the great outdoors we go!”


Well, it may not be that dramatic, but I’m sure you have realized by now that it would be nice to be able to entertain your guests in the fresh air. The days of only dreaming or imaging it are a thing of the past. The outdoor kitchen industry has only just become more popular over recent years, but we as humans have always desired to cook our food and entertain outdoors. Now we have the ability to create actual living spaces full of every creature comfort normally only found inside of one’s home.


At Patio Sites, Inc we enjoy providing assistance to help make your dreams a reality. In addition to our highly skilled sales team, we have professional designers with cutting edge software to ensure your project is properly planned from start to finish. In addition to our local construction firm, our nationwide network of highly skilled, preferred contractors will ensure your project has the professional result you should expect. We have created a few research tools that we hope will inform and empower you. We look forward to providing any assistance needed on your potential project.