Design Services


At Patio Sites Inc, we enjoy every facet of an outdoor project. Having been a part of countless projects over the years, we realize that at times it can be difficult to visualize the final appearance of an outdoor project. I our efforts to resolve this dilemma, we have decided to invest in high tech 3D software that takes out all of the guess work. Having this allows us to create a three dimensional rendering that accurately depicts exactly what your finished project will look like in the proposed space!
Our professional design and build team will not only imagine, but engineer your project using this state of the art program along with their years of experience. This is an invaluable tool on small projects and serves to be a critical advantage on large scale installations. You can pinpoint potential trouble areas or flaws in the initial design/build well in advance and then make the needed adjustments, all without having it happen on site.  When you combine this amazing software with our highly skilled team, you are sure to get exactly what you were looking for!

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From the initial idea of your space, to the time you are enjoying it, Patio Sites Inc would like to be the company involved in making your dreams a reality. Our 3D render service is readily provided on our personal construction projects and on certain nationwide projects, we have extended this wonderful tool to our customers. Numerous brands of items can also receive a free 2D CAD drawing of your project. If you would like to see if your potential project qualifies for either our 3D render, or a 2D CAD drawing, please contact us today!