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Island Accessories

Depending on your Barbecue Island or outdoor kitchen design, there are island accessories available that can contribute to the performance and enjoyment of the finished space. For instance, if the cooking appliances will be under a covered area or structure, an outdoor rated vent hood can be utilized. This will ensure that any smoke produced while cooking will not become trapped inside the covered area, becoming an irritation to you and your guests and potentially causing damage to the structure. Venting panels for the cabinet system are also something you might implement. These assist in the clearing of any potentially trapped gases. You would want these installed as low to the ground as possible, as gas is heavier than air. Having these placed on opposite ends of the kitchen further contributes to the movement of fresh air throughout the base cabinets. The exact placement of course is usually determined by prevailing wind direction and cabinet design. There are other bbq island accessories to consider from countertop cutting boards with trash chutes to built-in bottle openers for your serving area.

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