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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

When you want the landscape on your property to shine in the evening hours, low voltage landscape lighting can provide that effect, in a myriad of applications, styles and metal finishes. Many lights have the option to run off a low voltage halogen bulb or LED bulb, which is more energy efficient. While having the appearance of wired lighting, by harnessing the natural energy from the sun, solar landscape lights can be a great option if you want to stay off the grid, or desire energy savings. There are numerous types of landscape lighting to choose from including in-ground well lights to shine upwards inside a tall tree or specific location, bullet lights to provide accentuating details to a certain subject, flood lights to safely illuminate parking or recreational areas, path lights and step lights. Underwater lights can add a unique touch to the bottom of ponds, waterfalls, hot tubs and pools. Transformers are also available in various wattage outputs to provide the amount of energy needed to power your lighting configuration.

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